Sherilyn Chong an eBay E-Commerce Specialist

Sherilyn Chong an E-Commerce Specialist

My name is Sherilyn Chong, the Principal Trainer at E-Sales Mastery Academy and I’m proficient at utilizing eBay, Amazon and Shopify for my eCommerce Venture.

Over the past 10 years, I have been exploring multiple online income opportunities and up till date, I have found nothing that comes close to my eCommerce ventures in terms of ROI (Returns on Investment) or scalability.

Starting from a young age of 14, I have been selling stuffs on the internet. I have personally been through the pain of setting up retail outlets, renting stalls, sourcing for overseas vendors and also taking up multiple courses online. It took me years and lots of hard work to finally figure out what WORKS right here, in Singapore.

With my tested and proven models, I have taught more than 100 students, with a high success rate of 99.99% seeing returns, some even as EARLY as within the 1st hour of set up. Unlike many other “guru trainers”, I am a practitioner and am making a “reasonable” and consistent income just investing an hour or two a day.

I have written one of the most popular book called “Merch by Amazon Made Simple”. If you want to get started with Amazon, this ebook should be your gateway. You can find the ebook here –

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